Pressure Washing – A Great Spring-Cleaning Idea

As you eagerly wait for warmer spring days, you need to have an effective spring-cleaning plan. Other than letting the sunshine in, cleaning carpets, and removing clutter, you should also consider hiring a pressure washer service for deep cleaning of your various outdoor surfaces. This will make it much easier to remove mould, grime, and […]

How To Maintain High Hygiene Standards In Educational Establishments In A COVID-19 World

Schools around the world are looking to reopen and meeting the high hygiene standards based on WHO recommendations is the first step. Temperature checks, mask policies, physical distancing, and other methods are crucial to limiting the spread of COVID-19 among students and schools must update their cleaning and sanitisation procedures. With that in mind, we […]

How To Keep Nurseries Clean And COVID19-Safe

With the pandemic seemingly getting worse with every passing day, nurseries throughout the UK are focusing on cleanliness, sanitisation, and becoming COVID19 safe. We are learning that children are just as susceptible to contracting the virus which means that we must protect them on all fronts. With that in mind, just how are today’s nurseries […]

The Need To Clean Regularly, And Microbial Fogging Treatment For Homes And Commercial Premises During The Festive Season And In 2021 Can Help To Prevent COVID-19 Spreading

Cleaning and sanitising are important in today’s COVID-19 world, especially now, as businesses are reopening in many countries around the world. Proper social distancing and hand hygiene procedures in these businesses can help slow the potential spread of COVID-19, but we also need to focus on regular cleaning and germ control. The spread of the […]

Pubs – the one metre rule and Fogging with Square Mile.

Before the announcement trade group UKHospitality (UKH) put forward a series of initial proposals designed to help pubs and other hospitality first reopen on 4 July. In the guidance, businesses clarified that they “do not wish to move ahead with reopening before the time is right” and support a phased reopening approach. However, the chief […]

Undoubtedly the best product on the market for prevention of Covid-19 in the workplace.

Square Mile Cleaning’s Southwark based office cleaning company uses Fogging, which is dispensed as a fine mist spray from powerful backpacks. Director Wesley Robinson said: “Our technicians prepare the surfaces, fill their back packs, and spray the chemical in micro droplets so that it lands uniformly on the various surfaces and the common touch-points”.”Once it […]

Companies which specialise in deep-cleaning are cleaning up.

The workplace is going to look a touch different in the post-covid-19 lockdown era. Awareness of harmful bacteria isn’t just be for germaphobes – it’ll be everyone’s concern. That includes employers, which are currently getting workplaces ready for the return of staff to environments where infection risk lurks everywhere from hot-desking keyboards to sharing the […]