As you eagerly wait for warmer spring days, you need to have an effective spring-cleaning plan. Other than letting the sunshine in, cleaning carpets, and removing clutter, you should also consider hiring a pressure washer service for deep cleaning of your various outdoor surfaces. This will make it much easier to remove mould, grime, and grit while leaving your decking, siding, and walkways cleaner and more attractive.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some areas where pressure washing can make spring cleaning easier:

Wood Decking- wood decking can become badly stained due to excessive moisture. Without immediate clean-up, mildew and mould could grow rapidly during warmer days. It is important to start from the lowest pressure setting and increase it when necessary. Extremely high pressure could strip the finish and expose the wood to the elements. It is recommended to re-stain wood decking every three or four years. Use maximum pressure to remove grime and old finish. Wait until the surface is dry and use 80-grit sandpaper to remove remaining trace of old finish.

Front Steps, Walkways, And Driveway- these areas are important to improving your home’s curb appeal. Making sure that your front steps, walkways, and driveway are clean, which could make your home look more expensive. An experienced pressure washer service can clean your front steps, walkways, and driveway in just a few hours leaving them looking new.

Gutter And Siding- clean gutters guarantee that blocked rainwater won’t flood the roof and loft space of your home. Pressure washer companies will use a gutter cleaner attachment for best results. Cleaner siding will make your home looks brand new and increase its curb appeal and overall value.

Patio Furniture- if your patio furniture sits outside all winter, it will quickly accumulate mildew and grime. Some detergent and a pressure washer can make a quick work of any outdoor furniture. With proper clean-up, your patio furniture will look inviting once again and it’s ready for the warm weathers. People won’t hesitate to sit on a patio chair if it looks like brand new.

Square Mile Services Commercial And Residential Pressure Washing

Square Mile Services offers commercial and residential pressure washing services which can leave your outdoor space looking like new. Our team of trained professionals use eco-friendly cleaning products which are safe for the environment, but powerful enough to clean even the toughest stains on wood, concrete, marble, brick, and other common building and paving materials.

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