The workplace is going to look a touch different in the post-covid-19 lockdown era. Awareness of harmful bacteria isn’t just be for germaphobes – it’ll be everyone’s concern. That includes employers, which are currently getting workplaces ready for the return of staff to environments where infection risk lurks everywhere from hot-desking keyboards to sharing the office kettle.

Companies which specialise in deep-cleaning are cleaning up, especially those who can offer products officially recognised as having coronavirus-killing properties.

Square Mile has been inundated with inquiries from GP practices, social care providers, hotel groups, spas, hairdressers, dentists, student accommodation, pubs, bars, restaurants, leisure centres and even top football clubs. There is certainly allot of specialised cleaning work going on right now.

When a surface has had specialised cleaning done correctly there should be no microorganisms present. The application of decontamination liquid will slow down, reduce and even temporarily halt the natural re-manifestation in any microbial breeding environment.