Cleaning and sanitising are important in today’s COVID-19 world, especially now, as businesses are reopening in many countries around the world. Proper social distancing and hand hygiene procedures in these businesses can help slow the potential spread of COVID-19, but we also need to focus on regular cleaning and germ control. The spread of the virus can be thwarted if everyone contributes to the effort. Home and business owners should consider regular cleaning and microbial fogging treatments this festive season and well into 2021.

With that being said, we are going to take a look at some reasons why regular cleaning and microbial fogging treatments for homes and commercial premises during the festive season and in 2021 can help to prevent COVID-19 spreading:

Regain Trust- after months of temporary closures due to lockdown measures, businesses could need a good cleaning. A proper clean-up could make everything smell fresh and look pristine again. Regular clean-up procedures project a favourable image to customers and a shoddy appearance may create the impression that your business doesn’t follow the COVID-19 prevention procedures. Kitchens, front counters, tables, and other hard surfaces must be sanitised a few times each day, especially in high traffic areas.

Reduced Spread Of Other Diseases- cleaning and sanitising procedures will not only stop the transmission of COVID-19, but other diseases as well. During the winter, the common cold and influenza are quite common. These illnesses are caused by viruses as well, which can be stopped by regular sanitisations, physical distancing, and the use of protective gear. Although it is probably just a common cold, it can be concerning if one of the staff sneezes repeatedly or has runny nose. It is expected that continued effort to minimise the transmission of COVID-19 will stop many common illnesses as well. By keeping your staff healthy there will be fewer sick days, especially during the annual flu season.

Long-Term Sustainability- if one of your employees has COVID-19, it can have significant implications to your business. The local authority may require all employees to undergo PCR tests. If multiple employees are found positive with COVID-19, your business can be forced to close for an undefined period of time. Your brand will suffer if local customers find out that your business is a source of COVID-19 transmission.

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