Fabrication supply companies have been quick to produce new lines of stainless steel floor and wall-mounted hand sanitising stations.

It’s one thing to give your workplace a regular blast of disinfectant but how do you know if Covid-19 is there is the first place?


There are companies in the UK which have developed surface testing technology that can detect even tiny traces of Covid-19 and this innovation is significant as it assures users that a public space is clear of infection.

But chemistry is not the only way to prevent infection.

Technology companies realise It has never been more important to protect staff, visitors and customers when accessing a business, shop, store or facility, therefore are producing systems, which, for example, can aid physical distancing by limiting the number of people who enter a room or building using a (real time) traffic light system which when used in conjunction with thermal imaging system, warns if someone with an unusually high temperature (a symptom of Covid-19) is trying to enter the room.

As the UK begins to step out of lockdown cleaning companies want to be able to provide integrated solutions for businesses and companies which allows them to move forward while taking the necessary safety precautions which are becoming available.

Covid-19 has prompted building developers to review building designs and find ways to remove the need for people to physically touch the building with their hands as much as possible, while taking a series of steps including reviewing ventilation systems and air circulation to prevent virus and bacteria manifestation.

Customer engagement apps developed for the hospitality industry, last year started adding a feature that allows guests to enter their room using their phone instead of a key and this type of technology may help hoteliers minimise the number of touch-points and rid the industry of superfluous clutter such as paper bills and feedback forms.

Hopefully hoteliers will eventually have all the tools they need to cater for their guests, while reducing unnecessary need for paperwork which this industry, amongst others, have been trying to irradiate for many years without success.

One good thing out of the Covid-19 crisis is that environmental and sanitary developments have seemingly rocketed overnight and shall become prevalent in leaving behind the currently stagnant behaviours which had been adopted before these radically life changing and unprecedented times.