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We are experts in cleaning ceiling tiles for offices in London. Cleaning your office ceiling tiles on a regular basis will help to improve the visual office environment. Clean ceiling tiles can significantly improve the appearance of a room, as it not only helps reflect light better but more importantly improves and cleans the office air quality.

Unfortunatleey some offices ceiling tiles are perhaps the most neglected area of a commercial facility. While wall and floor tiles are usually cleaned regularly, ceiling tiles do not get the same attention, this is probably because cleaning them can be a tough task, especially when operators do not have the right kind of ceiling tile cleaning equipment to do the job effectively.

If the office ceiling tiles are not cleaned for a long time then you’ll likely be experiencing poor air quality and dust on desks and surfaces, sometimes if you are really unlucky enough you may even find some in your mug of tea. Besides what is visible on the outside of the tiles, you may not have considered the amount of dust and loose dirt that accumulates behind your suspended ceiling tiles. Even with a fully working and well maintained air conditioning unit in place, the collective dust behind your office ceiling tiles will always be present in the air flow and which you breathe and reduce your air quality in the workplace.

What ceiling tile cleaning does


  • Our process restores ceilings to like-new, clean condition at a fraction of the cost of replacement or painting
  • Our environmentally safe (non-toxic) proprietary cleaning products are unrivalled in the industry and can be uniquely combined to clean virtually any type of ceiling or wall surface.
  • Our solutions cause a change in the molecular structure of the soiling with no damage to the ceilings or walls.


The benefits


  • No business disruption for customers
  • No damage to ceilings or walls
  • Noticeable brightening of facilities
  • No lasting odours
  • No mess


Areas of use 


  • Suspended metal ceiling tiles
  • Acoustic ceiling tiles
  • Vinyl/PVC ceilings
  • Drywall ceilings


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