serVICE Pressure washing London

Revitalise your paving, patios and driveways with Square Mile’s comprehensive pressure washing service.

Pressure washing works by blasting a powerful supply of pressured water at an area to dislodge any accumulated algae, grime, dirt and associated stains. The process requires a specialist operator who is familiar with the correct pressure ratios to ensure fixed materials such as cement and sealant are not accidentally removed during the work.

Before work begins, our pressure washing specialists will confirm the measurements of the targeted area and confirm the quote previously agreed. Works will be scheduled for a convenient date and all equipment will be prepped by our team beforehand.

Square Mile specialists don’t need to use detergents as part of the pressure washing process, instead relying on the pressurised water alone as a sufficiently powerful cleaning tool. This also means pressure washing is an environmentally friendly solution to troublesome outdoor hygiene issues.

Ideally, our team will require access to electricity and running water to undertake pressure washing. If electricity is unavailable, we can use a petrol-powered pressure washer. The use of an external water tap is preferable, although an internal tap can be used if there isn’t an external option.

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