The public are being targeted by organizations from outside of our established cleaning and hygiene sector, that offer products and services which appear to protect buyers from the virus but usually come with an exceptionally high mark-ups or have no guarantee that they meet the correct standards or are in any way fit for purpose.

For example; a substantial numbers of face masks, claiming to be of KN95 standards and provide an inadequate level of protection are pretty likely to be poor quality products coupled by fake or fraudulent paperwork and which must not be used as personal protective equipment in the workplace.

Products and services to be concerned about and look out for include:

Face masks claiming to be UK-made but have labeling in a different language.

Face masks that only cost around 2p to make are being offered at vastly overinflated prices.

Inappropriate fogging and sanitizing services offered as a kind of silver bullet solution to all infection control where the proper cleaning processes still remain crucial.

A lot of the above products are marketed via email and are for sale online and the public needs to beware of certain organisations outside the established cleaning and hygiene sector who are playing on people’s fears about Coronavirus and will try to take unfair advantage of the unprecedented demand for cleaning and hygiene products and services. We have become aware of many instances where the products and services offered by unscrupulous online traders have been exceptionally overpriced and with no kind of guarantee that they will do the job. People receive spam in their inboxes offering products and services marketed in powerful and alarming language such as ‘Coronavirus’, ‘COVID-19’ and ‘pandemic’ and ‘only available whilst stocks last’. The public could be put at risk or left out of pocket by this kind of scaremongering profiteering. People need to be careful who they buy cleaning and hygiene products and services from. The honest and reputable businesses would not take part in such fear inducing practices.

Please be aware that well established companies in the cleaning and hygiene industry will maintain a high standard in the conduct of their business and will not take part in fear provoking practices.

Buyers need to be cautious to avoid being caught out, paying incredibly high prices for product that are not fit for any good purpose. I am proud to say Square Mile trade ethically and we are working hard to take care of our existing customers, while calmly warning of any forthcoming restrictions in the supply chain and recommending rationing where it’s absolutely necessary