Otherwise known as steam cleaning. Although there is an actual industrial process called steam cleaning, in carpet cleaning, “steam cleaning” itself is often mistaken for hot water extraction cleaning, which is professionally known as HWE. The hot water extraction cleaning method typically lends itself to equipment that sprays hot water and a special carpet detergent or “shampoo” on to the carpet and simultaneously, water and detergent is extracted, with a powerful suction vacuum fitted to the carpet cleaning machine along with any dislodged and dissolved dirt which had soiled the carpet. Most experts recommend hot water extraction as the most effective carpet cleaning method. Proper steam could damage man-made carpet fibres and change its characteristics, length or shape as they are usually set using heat. Woven carpets could shrink, however, most carpets aren’t woven and are fixed on to a laminate backing, velvet pile carpets and Berber carpet can become fuzzy which is better is known as pile burst. To avoid problems when carpet cleaning its sensible to use experienced and professional cleaners.

Hot water extraction machines can be a portable unit that plugs in to a 240w plug socket. Most professional carpet cleaning machines have two plugs one for the powerful vacuum fans and the other to power the machine also the water heater. If carpet cleaning machine equipment is not portable it will likely be truck mounted, requiring long hoses from the truck and powered by the trucks engine and may be used where electricity is not available, but this kind of equipment can be unsuited to premises not situated close to a driveway or road, as this would also require hoses to pass in through windows to reach the upper floors of a residential building or commercial property also these can create a trip hazard which is not suitable for busy areas, also in the residential environment this could allow for pets or children to escape through the doors left open. This method also can damage air conditioning units or waste the property’s heating supply as it escapes through open windows or doors left open for the hoses. Although truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment minimises noise pollution in a room which is being cleaned, it may likely cause noise and air pollution to neighbouring properties or pedestrians passing by the noisy suction pumps on the trucks. The advantages of truck mounted cleaning is that the process will be much faster than with portable equipment, also extra heat created will dissolve more stains faster and produce a much higher vacuum suction thus reducing drying times. There are blow dryers that can be used with portable equipment which will speed up the drying process also oh a hot day, with the heating on and with windows open, drying times can be accelerated and will make the carpet drying time even faster.