A carpet cleaning machine is an important tool for commercial cleaners and cleaning services, yet it’s vital that it’s set up and used correctly.

As with all cleaning equipment, the first consideration when setting up a carpet cleaning machine is that the customer’s property is protected. This involves relatively simple procedures such as placing supplementary cleaning materials and buckets on waterproof ground sheets rather than directly on the carpet itself – this prevents spillages and seepage of cleaning materials into the carpet which could cause its own problems.

Only those who are experienced with carpet cleaning machines should use them to clean carpets, especially those in high usage areas which will be seen regularly or those made from delicate materials. Cleaning professionals understand the importance of using the right solutions and testing them on small areas of carpet first before applying it to the whole area.

Ultimately, setting up a carpet cleaning machine is easy when you know how but can cause damage to carpets for the uninitiated. If in doubt, leave it to the professionals.