The longer a stain remains on a carpet, the more chance it will cause permanent damage to the carpet. So, it’s important to tackle carpet stains early and effectively.

Carpet cleaning machines are a modern invention, and we’ve certainly come a long way since tea leaves and grass cuttings were applied to floors for cleaning purposes. As you can imagine, these methods brought their own dangers of staining, so perhaps it’s best we’ve moved on. Yet everyday stains and carpet problems are still common and should be tackled carefully.

For instance, any household with pets is usually vulnerable to “accidents”, whether a pet is marking their territory or simply doesn’t make it outside in time. The smell of urine on carpets is hardly an appealing one and can be particularly bad in hot or humid locations. If possible, the carpet or rug should be taken outside and immersed in water to remove the stain before being blotted (rather than scrubbed) to protect the fabric. Beware, though, as not all materials can be immersed in water, and you may damage the carpet irreparably if this is the case for yours.

Chewing gum is another one of those materials which can cause serious harm to carpets if it isn’t tackled quickly. One of the most effective ways of attacking chewing gum (and candle wax!) is to place a tea towel over the area and apply steam to the tea towel using an iron until the gum is absorbed into the tea towel. Of course, this method should be undertaken carefully and it shouldn’t be used on delicate materials.

What about artificial food colouring? We often see these permanently staining carpets, yet they can be removed by professional cleaning machines during a deep clean. This might include the use of stain-reducing chemicals, although these should be used with caution due to the risk of burning carpets. That’s why it’s incredibly important to employ professionals to undertake carpet cleaning tasks you’re uncertain about.

Carpet stains come in many forms, but it’s clear that removing them often needs specialist knowledge and skills. Don’t be tempted to tackle a stain yourself if you’re worried about the fabric or if you don’t know the correct way to remove the stain – seek professional support.