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With over 10 years’ experience in providing commercial cleaning services to the City of London, Square Mile are ready to tackle the dangers posed by the Covid-19 crisis. The coronavirus outbreak threatens not only the health of employees and businesses, but also the whole UK economy itself.

To play our part, Square Mile has added a ‘10% Discount Promotion’ for either deep cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, or fogging services. The offer is for commercial businesses in London including offices, pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, spas, hairdressers, care homes, health and beauty providers, shops and more. We can offer this promotion to the first 1500 customers who have not used these services with us in the past.

Square Mile can assist your business with our tailored Deep cleaning service, Carpet and Upholstery cleaning service and Fogging service. We will undertake a deep clean and thoroughly disinfect your premises to remove the dust, dirt and grime which has built up over current business operation or long months of closure. Once this deep clean has been completed, we can carpet and upholstery clean your premises, additionally we can treat your business with our professional microbial fogging service. 

Fogging takes 10 minutes to dry and then immediately begins working to prevent contamination on all flooring, surfaces and other common touchpoints for 30 days. It means your business can protect employees and customers from contamination within your company’s workspaces, helping to create a welcoming and safe atmosphere as lockdown eases and the country adjusts to a new normal.

All fogging customers receive a certificate of evidence which is dated to show your premises have been treated against Covid-19, viruses, bacteria, mould and pathogens for 30 days. For businesses reliant on returning footfall, placing this certificate in your window will help reassure both your employees and the public that you’ve taken important steps to make your business COVID-secure and hygienically safe for trading.

Together, we can protect your business from the ongoing impact of Covid-19.

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