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As an employer and supplier to the service industry, we believe it's more important then ever to ensure professional office cleaners within our community are recruited by us and deployed within our local community, thus providing quality cleaners with jobs in locally based offices and providing job security, great pay and work close to home. 

First we interview our professional cleaning candidates then trial them twice, once proven we run DBS checks to make sure our cleaners have no previous convictions in the UK, this is part of our due care and diligence policy with our insurers. 

When we have clearance that our cleaners are covered by our insurers and suitable for employment, we then train, manage and supervise our cleaners and their work and frequently check our client's site cleaning schedule duties are completed consistently. 

Employing our services means you will have a hand in helping professional English speaking cleaners to have a safe and secure cleaning job, and get paid well above the national wage for it. 

Our cleaners are glad they are paid well and don't need to travel far to get to work or have to pay much for transport. They are able to get to work during bad weather and with minimal transport, which is very economical and keeps our staff motivated with good energy levels when at work also it enables them to spend more time with their families when not at work. 

At Square Mile we feel it is important to consider ways to help make our employees lives better and our clients offices cleaner, making for a much better environment and helping to improve our community for the better. 

Thank you for reading about our cleaning community mission. We look forward to helping you, whether you are looking for professional cleaners for your office or a professional career at Square Mile Cleaning Ltd.


Wesley Robinson

Company Director