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Welcome to Square Mile Cleaning Limited 

 The best office cleaners in your community, managed by us!

21 Bunhill Row London EC1Y 8LP

Trial us today: 02078371032


Square Mile Cleaning Limited is your local, professional office cleaning company. 

We select the best cleaners who live near your office and guarantee the same cleaners each visit, this is important for security of your property additionally our cleaners become experts in cleaning in your office and have a reliable journey in to work.

We directly employ our cleaners and don't get involved in third party contractors or agency cleaners, this way we have responsibility for our cleaners who serve your office, so you don't have to.

Our company manage the whole cleaning operation for you, we supply the cleaning products and equipments included in our monthly cost so you can forget the shopping list and rest assured you will receive the same cleaning costs every month.

We include health and safety documents, risk assessments, cleaning specifications, cleaning schedules, safety data sheets, COSHH and full insurance, so our cleaners and everybody involved in our process are knowledgeable and safety conscious, it's great for peace of mind and company audits. 

We provide monthly rolling contracts, so you can trust we will impress you each visit and you will have flexibility without the lengthy contract.

All cleaners speak good English and have a professional manor.

We can meet you for a FREE cleaning review today.

Minimum service of two hours cleaning per week.

CALL US TODAY: 02078371032

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Friedly and professional reprsentitives

Our helpful and professional representives will discuss your requirements, provide assistance, and organise your cleaning review and quotation.

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We service Islington & City of London

We clean offices in the City of London and Islington, during the day and night. We are trustworthy, reliable and professional. 

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We keep to our side of the agreement

We gain trust by building strong professional relationships and looking out for our employee and our client intrests at all times.